Five new NFL uniforms to wear this season

The Philadelphia Eagles are about to get a new uniform.

The Eagles’ uniforms will be redone by NFL team owner Jeffrey Lurie.

The new uniforms will feature the same uniforms worn by the Eagles in 2015 and are expected to debut on Wednesday.

The jerseys will feature red piping.

The uniforms are also expected to feature red trim around the sleeves and white stripes on the collar.

The jersey numbers will feature new letters, too.

“These are not a standard uniforms,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on Tuesday.

“It’s going to be different than anything that we’ve seen before.

It’s not just going to look like it.

It will be a completely new look.”

The new jerseys are part of the team’s effort to overhaul the look of the uniforms, which had been criticized for being too “jacked up” in 2015.

The change in look is expected to cost the Eagles $500 million.

The $500-million cost was part of a plan to spend $1 billion on the uniforms in 2019.