Why is the Barco uniform still in use?

The Barco uniforms are the only one of the two to remain in use at Barco.

The other is the Karate uniform.

It was discontinued at the end of the 1980s and has been replaced by a much more modern version of the Karas uniform.

The new one has a more modern feel with a more streamlined design, a new helmet and an added stripe that was added in the mid 90s.

It also has a different logo on the collar.

The Barco logo was made up of four circles and a horizontal line, which was used to denote Barco’s logo.

It had a small black dot in the centre.

In recent years, the Barcos logo has been used by other professional clubs, including the Italy national team, in a variety of ways.

Barco are one of two professional teams in Italy to have a barco shirt.

They are also the only professional teams to have an orange and black barco jersey.