When the future is coming, you can be sure it will look like this: up uniform

TechCrunch article The new uniform design of the US men’s national basketball team is expected to debut at the Rio Olympics in August, but it will likely be different from the ones worn at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

In the US, the women’s uniforms, while being produced by Adidas, will feature a more traditional design, featuring a red band across the chest instead of a blue one.

The men’s will feature an orange-striped design with a blue band across it.

While there are a number of factors involved in the uniforms design, the biggest one being the fact that the US national team’s primary opponent, China, will be wearing blue uniforms.

Adidas has already said that the design will not be the same as the men’s, and it has also promised that there will be a lot of innovation and innovation in the new design, with the addition of a new crest. 

The US women’s team has played in the 2016 Rio Olympics under the Nike-owned apparel brand and Adidas is set to unveil its new design at a press conference on August 12. 

In addition to the new crest, the new uniform will be unveiled during the 2017 US Open Tennis Championships, which take place on September 1 in New York City.