MLB to announce LaRams uniforms, flight attendant uniform as alternate uniforms

Baseball uniforms are the newest thing to hit the market and that includes the new flight attendant uniforms.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are planning to wear LaRamps flight attendants uniforms as alternate uniform designs during the 2019 season.

They will wear the uniforms on Friday and Sunday nights at Dodger Stadium and will wear them to the MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix.

According to the LA Times, the Dodgers’ team spokesman, Joe D’Alessandro, told the paper that the Dodgers have already talked with LaRamp about the uniforms.

He said the team would like to see the uniform worn for the All-star Game but would be open to discussing other options.

The Dodgers will wear flight attendants as alternate jerseys during the regular season and the team will be in uniform during the playoffs.

The Dodgers, who play in the American League West, have worn flight attendants in uniform since 2015.

The uniform is part of a team effort to keep players in uniform.

The new flight attendants uniform will be used at Dodgers home games as well as other games during the season.

The uniforms will be worn at the Dodgers home opener on April 13 and the Dodgers postseason game on April 19.

The team said that the uniforms will also be worn by players on the Dodgers team bus.

The uniforms will become available to the public for purchase beginning April 1 and will be available for purchase at Dodgers Stadium beginning April 15.