How to Dress Like a Marine

Uniforms for Marine Corps recruits are among the items the Army is using as a tool to recruit, according to a report released Monday by the Army’s Military Assistance Command.

The Army has been recruiting more than 3 million enlisted personnel in the last four years and has set the goal of recruiting a total of more than 7.4 million in 2020.

That means recruiting for both the Army and the Marine Corps is likely to increase to more than 20 million in the next five years, according the report, which was prepared by the military’s Office of Personnel Management.

For now, the Army uses uniforms for recruits who are male and female, and women are required to wear a uniform for recruiting purposes.

The report recommends that recruiters use a uniform as a recruiting tool for both male and women and that they work to make the uniform as “manly” as possible.

The military will also use uniforms for women to emphasize the military value of women in the armed forces.

The new Army uniform will not only be available for women recruits, but will also be made available to male Marines and Army special operations personnel.

The use of female uniforms will not impact the availability of the uniform for male recruits, the report said.

The Navy also plans to introduce a uniform this summer, the military said.

However, there are differences between the Army Uniforms and Navy uniforms, and the Army will not make available any uniforms for male personnel.