The New York Times’ Top 10 Worst Sweaters

The New Jersey-based New York-based newspaper has chosen the worst sweater in its history.

This time, it was the worst of all: The military’s ceremonial “Barefoot Soldier” jacket.

The story starts with a story from The New Yorker about a man who was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and a fellow soldier named Steve, who was on the other side of the world.

He was a soldier and had to wear a uniform, and his uniform was also a soldier.

So he wore a shirt with the “B” in the middle of the word, a sign of rank.

It was called the “Military Service Uniform” and was worn by both male and female soldiers.

After the war, the soldier Steve met, Steve Smith, came back to New Jersey and married his longtime girlfriend, Nancy, a lawyer.

He also had a wife, who he had met in Vietnam, and their son, Steve Jr. In 1971, Steve married Nancy’s daughter, Donna, who would later become his wife, and Steve and Donna lived in a small house near the base.

It wasn’t long before they had a son, whom they named Eric.

Steve Sr. was assigned to Fort Brag in 1977.

He worked as a contractor for a defense contractor called DynCorp and his job was to build the “battery” for the military’s main electrical network.

One day, he had to work at a new base, so he decided to go to a civilian job and take the job as a cleaner.

He was assigned the task of cleaning the bathrooms and changing the toilets, which was very dangerous because there were no locks on the toilets.

So, he took off his clothes, and there was no way he could go into the bathroom without the locks on it.

When he came out, he was completely naked.

He looked like a homeless man.

And then he noticed that his pants were all soaked.

He said, “I think my pants are soaked,” and he went back to his barracks and cleaned up the bathrooms.

And so, he went to his boss, who told him, “We need to do something about this.”

And that’s when Steve decided to wear his uniform.

He said, No, I can’t do this.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to wear the uniform, so, the next day, I went to the commander and said, I’m wearing the uniform and I think it looks very bad.

So they decided to strip the uniform of all its symbols, including the “A,” which means honor.

And they stripped the uniform off the base and it was sent to the military.

It would be worn by troops for about three weeks.

So, Steve and Nancy started wearing the uniforms in front of everyone.

And when they went into the barracks and they got in the shower, they got naked.

And so, they started the whole thing over again, except this time, they were naked in front the whole time.

Steve Jr., who was about five, had a similar experience.

He didn’t realize that his father had worn the uniform for three weeks when he was about seven.

He had never seen his father naked.

So the family, Steve Sr. and Nancy, decided that they were going to dress Steve Jr in the uniform.

And he wore the uniform to his school graduation.

And all the students, they looked at him and thought, This is a great uniform.

But then they realized that it was a disgrace to the uniform because it was too short and it wasn’t tight enough.

And that they had to cut it.

And Nancy said, You guys have to get the military to buy us more pants.

They eventually did, and he now wears the uniform everywhere he goes.

Steve Jr. said he’s been wearing the military uniform for seven years.

And this year, the military has finally decided to give it back to the family.

The military has been wearing it since 1978.

And the first year that it did, it had just a couple hundred soldiers, but now it’s up to more than a million, and that number is growing every year.

So what’s it like for soldiers who wear it?

One of the first things that they do when they see the uniform is put it on.

They put the hood down.

They take off the boots.

And as they walk down the hallway, they put the pants on and they look at the soldiers.

And it’s just like, Wow.

They look at them like, We’ve never seen this.

And I’m the only one wearing it, Steve said.

He’s wearing the pants to the next school.

And now he’s wearing it every day.