Soldier uniforms in Iraq could be banned

ARMY OFFICER UNIFORM – ARMY UNIFORNIA A uniform worn by soldiers during World War II could be prohibited, according to the Army.

The Army has issued a memo to all uniformed officers saying that soldiers must wear uniforms with the insignia of the US military.

Soldiers must also wear the Army-issued patch or patches of the Army’s National Guard or Reserves, or the Army logo.

There are some exceptions.

Soldiers can wear the patch of the United States Military Academy and have their Army uniform worn as a part of their uniform.

If you wear a patch of an Army uniform, you must wear it in your uniform as well.

However, the Army has not yet released any details about how uniforms should be worn.

Currently, there are no plans to prohibit military-issued uniforms in Afghanistan.

In Iraq, there is no military-related uniform issue.