How to shop for new Cavs jerseys in 2018

Fans have long had a love-hate relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The team has become a perennial candidate for the NBA title and has won the NBA Finals three times, but it has also been in trouble with the NCAA, NCAA enforcement and the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns were born on November 13, 1904, in Cleveland, Ohio, the last of the “Little Caesars” franchises.

The Browns were purchased by the now-defunct Cargill Corporation in 1946.

The company, which now owns more than 100 companies around the world, was purchased by General Motors in 1974.

But when the Browns decided to leave Cleveland, the team had to change its name to the Cleveland Browns and was forced to change their logo from a green and gold color scheme to blue and yellow.

The new logo is based on the original blue and white color scheme.

The old team had a blue and gold uniform and white helmets and shorts.

The redesigned jerseys will feature a new, brighter blue and red color scheme and will be worn during games, which is part of the reason why fans will love them.

It is worth noting that this new version of the Cleveland uniforms is also called the Cleveland Green and Gold and the jerseys will have a yellow stripe across the chest.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to the new uniforms in 2018.