Dolphins get Miami Heat uniforms from the Miami Heat, but they’ll wear them in a new way

The Miami Heat have gone to great lengths to get the Miami Dolphins to wear new uniforms.

So it only makes sense they’ve decided to keep them around in their new uniform, which will include a black-and-gold, silver-and gold, and gold-and blue color scheme.

“We’ve gone out and tried to find a way that we could keep it with the same feel, but with a different look,” Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said at his team’s practice Wednesday.

“The new uniform is a lot more comfortable to wear, with a lot of that old-school feel.”

The Heat wore white uniforms for the first time in the team’s history in February, but the new design was the only change.

Spoelstrasons team will wear the uniform for the next few months, as he continues to evaluate its fit, and hopes to see a more natural-looking uniform in time for the upcoming season.

“The design is different,” Spoelstroth said.

“It’s a little more uniform-like.

But I’m confident that we’ll be able to wear it again in the future.”

The new uniform will debut on March 8, as the Heat host the Atlanta Hawks in their home opener.

Here’s a look at the new uniforms:The Miami Heat’s new uniform features a gold- and-blue color scheme that features the black-on-black motif on the collar.

The Miami Dolphins are the first team in NFL history to wear all-black uniforms in front of a home crowd.

This is the first season in which the Miami uniform will feature a different color scheme for each team.

The Heat will wear their new uniforms for a few weeks before heading to the NBA All-Star Game, where they’ll face the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday.

The Heat have not announced their plans for the game, but will have a media availability on Thursday.

The game will also feature a halftime show.