Trump to nominate Marine Corps veteran as Secretary of Defense

Trump is expected to nominate retired Marine Corps Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford as Secretary for Veterans Affairs, a source familiar with the process told Next Big Futures.

The appointment would give Dunford the authority to nominate the next Secretary of the Army, the Department of Defense, and the Department to run the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The nomination comes after Dunford was the only nominee to receive a vote from the Senate Armed Services Committee, where Republicans controlled the chamber and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, D.C., led the panel’s vote.

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, said in a statement that he had asked the Trump transition team to look at the nomination, but Dunford is “one of the most qualified and accomplished military leaders in the nation.”

Dunford was a key adviser on Iraq and Afghanistan during his time as commander of the 1st Marine Division.

The Senate Armed Service Committee confirmed him to the post in 2009.

Dunford served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2009-2011.

His nomination to head the Department for Veterans Health Affairs would be the latest in a series of appointments that have been made in the administration.

The administration has already tapped several veterans to key positions at the Veterans Affairs Department.

The Trump administration is expected in the coming days to announce who will lead the Office of Disability Services, a key Veterans Affairs agency that provides services to millions of disabled veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is expected soon to announce the hiring of two new chief financial officers.