When The Heat Uniform Gets Reimagined, It Will Look Like This

When you think of Miami Heat uniforms, you probably think of the jersey worn by LeBron James, but the team also has some really cool jerseys and other jerseys inspired by the Miami area.

For instance, the team is currently using a Heat themed Nike Basketball shorts that were made for the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

And while that might seem a bit outlandish, the Heat is actually using a variety of other colors and styles in the upcoming uniforms.

Here’s a look at all the different uniforms the team has released this year. 

The Heat is using a wide variety of colors, from navy to dark blue, to the team’s dark blue jerseys and the Miami Heat Uniforms collection.

The team is using many different colors, but they are all unique.

For example, there are two navy jerseys in this set, one black jersey and one light blue jersey.

The dark blue uniforms are black and dark blue and feature a light blue “M” patch on the front.

This is a subtle nod to the Miami Marlins.

The white jerseys are light blue with a light yellow stripe running down the middle.

This jersey is very light blue, and features a white “M”.

The team has also made a number of black jerseys that feature a number and logo that matches the “M”, while the dark blue ones have a dark blue “S” and “C” with a dark “T” on the back.

There are also white shorts in this collection, which are also very light.

They also feature the same logo as the jerseys in the other sets.

The shorts are available in two different colors: a black and a light purple.

The black jerseys have white sleeves with white stripes running down their sides and a white and black “M.”

The shorts feature the team logo.

The light purple shorts are black with white sleeves and a dark purple “S.”

The team also released a white sleeved version of their shorts.

The new uniforms will be released on June 1.