How to Create the Perfect Uniform for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

A year after the release of the hotly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy film, Marvel Studios is still in the process of figuring out the perfect look for their heroes.

The team is still struggling to get its characters and the tone right for the MCU.

And, to a degree, the team still doesn’t have a clear idea of the look and feel of its characters, like the Black Widow.

Now, the creative team behind one of the most successful Marvel movies, Captain America: Civil War, has come up with a concept they think will help ease the process.

It’s called the Uniform Graph, and it’s a series of images, each of which is a new take on the characters that are currently being used in the MCI Cinematic universe.

While the concept isn’t new, the way it’s being applied is by adding an element of surprise.

The concept is actually the work of writer/director Anthony Russo, who has been tasked with bringing the characters’ faces and personalities to life.

“The whole thing is about surprise,” he told IGN.

“You can tell they’ve been doing this for a long time.

It takes you by surprise and makes you question your assumptions.

It allows you to really step outside of the comfort zone, because you’re not used to it.

You’ve never seen these characters in this state before, and they’re just totally new.”