When NFL teams wear Confederate uniforms

The NFL’s uniform designs for the 2018 season have been revealed, and they’re pretty darn racist.

Here are all the uniform designs from the NFL’s 2017 season, as well as the teams uniforms for 2017.

The New Orleans Saints will wear a uniform that features a stylized red “R” that’s similar to the “Confederate Soldiers” emblem that has become a fixture of NFL teams’ uniforms.

The design is designed to highlight the Confederate soldier and the U.S. military in general.

The Saints have been the target of a wave of racist attacks in recent years, with players wearing “Make America Great Again” hats in recent weeks, as The Associated Press reported.

The league said in a statement that the team’s uniform would honor all members of the United States military and “the Confederate soldier, who fought for the Union during the Civil War.”

The Saints logo on the jersey has been removed and replaced with a logo for the National Football League, the team said.

The Dallas Cowboys have been using a black-and-white design on their uniforms for a few seasons, but this year, the teams team colors have been changed from white to black and gold.

The team said it wanted to honor the flag of the Confederacy in its uniforms.

The Baltimore Ravens will be wearing a black jersey with white piping on the front and black piping on back.

It’s also the first time the team has used the “D” on the side of the jersey, which was added last season.

The “D,” or “distinctive,” design is a symbol used by the Confederate Army.

The Ravens said the logo would be part of a new design for the team.

The Cleveland Browns will wear black uniforms with a white-striped design on the back and black-striping pants.

It is the first black-white-and black-gold uniform that the Browns have worn since the team took over as the NFL champions in 2011.

The Browns are also the only NFL team to wear black pants in 2017.

The new design is the team colors for the upcoming season.

The Washington Redskins will be changing their color scheme to be similar to that of the Dallas Cowboys.

The jersey features the same white piping as the Dallas uniforms, but the team will wear dark pants and black shoes.

The jerseys for the two teams will be unveiled later this month.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will wear their first uniform design in 2017 with a black, black and blue color scheme, which features a gold logo and a gold piping on each shoulder.

The colors will be used in a similar fashion to the Dallas uniform design.

The Atlanta Falcons will be sporting black uniforms, which feature a black and silver color scheme.

The designs will be a black helmet with silver piping and a black pant with silver stripes.

The Tennessee Titans will be making their first uniforms design for 2018 with a new look, as they were the first team to change their colors to black, silver and gold in 2017, but their uniforms will remain black.

The Tennessee Titans announced the changes earlier this week.

The Oakland Raiders will wear new uniform designs that feature the “T” on both the front of the jerseys and the back.

The logos will be different from those of the 2017 designs, and the teams colors will remain the same.

The Raiders said the new designs will feature “the full range of the Raiders colors,” which includes a black logo, black pants and a white boot.

The Buffalo Bills will be the first franchise to wear their new uniforms with black piping, which will be paired with a red stripe on the right chest pocket of the shorts.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be using the same uniform design that was worn last year for the 2017 season.

Instead of the “R,” the logo will be replaced with an arrow that will indicate the team and the state of Kansas.

The Chiefs will use black pants, a red helmet and white shoes.

The Houston Texans will be debuting their new look for 2018.

Instead in the white jerseys, the logo on each jersey will be changed to be “The Star.”

The team colors will also be white.

The Carolina Panthers will be redesigning their uniforms to be a bit different than the 2016 design.

Instead, the front side of their uniforms feature a gold stripe and the side pockets will feature gold piping, the Panthers said.

The back of the uniforms feature white piping, with a gold “T.”

The black piping is replaced with white and black.

The Philadelphia Eagles will be adding a gold-colored logo to the side panels of their jersey, while the other side of each jersey features black piping.

The Arizona Cardinals will be unveiling their new uniform design, which is a white, black, gold, silver, and white design.

The stripes on the jerseys will be red and black, while white and gold piping will be added on the sleeves.

The Indianapolis Colts will be introducing a new uniform with a unique design on each side of jersey.