Twin Peaks: The Most Unusual Uniforms Ever

We’re a long way from the days when the only things that could be considered unusual about the Twin Peaks universe are the weird things you can see in the back of a Twin Peaks uniform.

Today, the show’s creators are finally making sure fans don’t get the impression that they’re wearing things from their favorite films.

The designers have introduced a slew of unexpected outfits that are part of the show and have already been seen in theaters.

So far, we’ve seen the following outfits: A jacket and tie, with a white tuxedo and a white collar.

A jacket, shirt, and tie with a yellow tie.

A white shirt and tie.

Another one with a blue shirt and a blue tie.

Finally, a white shirt with a red tie.

“The main thing I want fans to understand is that these are just the things we’ve put together,” said show creator Mark Frost, explaining the new looks.

“We’re trying to create something that we feel is more of a traditional, American-style look.

We want it to be authentic.”

The new designs are available to preorder on their official website for $75.

(There’s also a limited-edition hoodie that can be purchased for $150.)

“The way we approached this was, how do we present a sense of place?

That’s the main thing, really,” Frost said.

“To me, that was important, to make it so we can show the world that we have the people and the places that exist here.

We didn’t want to make something like a costume, but more of an American-styled look.”

The designs are the latest addition to the ever-growing collection of outfits fans can get their hands on.

While the show has had a number of different designs in the past, it never really focused on one style or style of uniform.

But now, with so many new designs on the way, fans are sure to see more of these as they wait for season three to premiere.

Check out the full collection below.