Trump’s ‘winter league’ uniforms: Atlanta Falcons uniforms look like ‘winter camp’

President Donald Trump’s “winter league” uniforms may be reminiscent of a summer camp.

Sources have told The Hill that Trump’s team is using “winter camp” uniforms from a Nike collection to go into next season.

Trump’s team has yet to reveal any details about the uniforms, but they could be inspired by the NFL’s New England Patriots and other NFL teams who have gone through their own “winter leagues” during the past few seasons.

Nike has had a long history of making “winter uniforms,” which are worn during the NFL season.

The “winter season” is in November and December, when teams have to wear a light blue, white, or gray uniform.

But that season has been shortened since last season to February and March.

Last season, Trump’s players wore blue uniforms, which were worn for the first three weeks of the season.

But that season was shortened because of the NFL lockout, and the new year began on a slightly different schedule.

The new league starts on Feb. 6, which is also when the NFL and the union reached a new deal to bring back the lockout.

The “winter” uniforms that the team is wearing are also from Nike.

Sources say the uniforms are inspired by “winter camps,” and not “winter.”