Which NFL teams should be the next to change uniforms?

The NFL is looking to change its uniform look, and it looks like it has a few options.

First, the Atlanta Falcons are reportedly planning to wear a new, “more aggressive” look next season.

In addition, the New England Patriots will be looking to get away from the traditional blue and gold.

The Houston Texans are also reportedly looking to switch to a more muted color scheme, while the Cincinnati Bengals are reportedly working on a more subdued uniform for their upcoming season.

There are many teams who are looking to look different, and some of them will likely change their uniforms this season.

However, some of the teams that will look to change their look are a little more specific about what the change will look like.

Here are some teams that have made changes in recent seasons.

Arizona CardinalsThe Cardinals are reportedly looking at wearing a “neutral” uniform next season, which means that the Cardinals will be wearing a number of different colors.

However the team is also looking to go with a uniform that has “a more aggressive look” this season as opposed to a neutral one.

The team will also be wearing alternate jerseys next season with the “Red” and “Green” colors instead of the traditional orange and yellow.

Chicago BearsThe Bears have been the most aggressive in their uniform change efforts in recent years, and they have reportedly been looking to do the same this season, though they will not be changing the colors entirely.

The Bears are reportedly interested in switching to a “less aggressive” uniform this season and will also use alternate jerseys with the number 7 instead of their traditional number 10.

New England PatriotsThe Patriots are reportedly considering a neutral uniform change, which will likely be more of a casual look.

They will also not be wearing any jersey numbers this season with a jersey number that doesn’t contain the number 6.

The Patriots will also look to avoid the traditional white and blue, which they will likely use a neutral color.

The Seattle SeahawksThe Seahawks have been a consistent fan favorite over the past few years and have often been in the news for changing their uniforms for different events.

The franchise has made changes to their uniform several times, most notably when they went from wearing a neutral design to a red one.

Last year, they changed the number 13 to the number 9, which has led to speculation that they will change back to their traditional uniform.

This season, they will be working on getting away from their traditional black and red and opting for a more “aggressive” uniform.

The Washington RedskinsThe Redskins are reportedly trying to keep their traditional red and blue uniforms, but will be taking a new look with a more aggressive uniform next year.

This will be done with a “more bolder” uniform design, which is likely a nod to the color red.

The new design will likely consist of white shorts and socks instead of white jerseys and pants.

The Oakland RaidersThe Raiders are currently in the process of making a new uniform for next season that will not include a number number 9.

However it seems like the team may still have a number 9 jersey in the bag for next year, which would make the move a little bit more bold.

The number 9 is also an important part of the Raiders heritage, as the number was one of the first numbers worn by the Raiders.

The Raiders are looking for a bolder design for next off season.

The Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe Buccaneers are also planning on a neutral look next year as opposed from the ones they currently wear.

The Bucs will reportedly be wearing the number 5 with the team’s traditional red jersey and white pants.

This is not the first time the Buccaneers have been rumored to be looking for an aggressive uniform design.

Earlier this season the team was rumored to have a look that looked like a combination of red, white, and blue.

The look has since been changed and it now looks like the Bucs will be switching to something a little less aggressive.

San Diego ChargersThe Chargers are looking at a neutral uniforms this year, as they have been for several years now.

The Chargers have gone with a white uniform this year with a number 6 instead of a number 10 for the new year.

However there is a number 12 jersey that is currently on display that is considered to be an alternate jersey for next years game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The only real change in the look is the number 12 logo that will be replaced with the traditional logo for next seasons game.

The Arizona CardinalsThe Arizona Wildcats have been in a uniform change process for years, as has been the case for many teams this season on both sides of the ball.

However in recent times, Arizona has gone more aggressive with their uniform design changes, which have led to a lot of speculation that the team will change to a uniform with a new number.

The Cardinals are expected to switch back to a number 7 uniform in 2018.

The San Francisco 49ersThe 49ers have been looking at making some changes this off-season.

The Niners are expected take a look at a