‘The Potter’ uniforms are on sale in Australia

Australia’s largest retailer has launched the Harry Potter Uniforms collection in its catalogue.

Kmart is the latest retailer to debut the range of Harry Potter-themed school uniforms including the new black school robes, black school coat, white and blue school trousers and a grey uniform with a blue cloak.

The Australian retailer is also introducing a collection of Harry Potters themed apparel and accessories, including scarves, scarves for children, hats, socks and shoes.

“This is the best way to give our fans and customers a Harry Potter look,” said Sam Taylor, president and CEO of Kmart Australia.

“We know that families across Australia are eager to be inspired by their favourite characters, so we have created a collection that includes Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and more.”

We have partnered with some of Australia’s top schools to create a range of new Harry Potter themed uniforms and we are proud to bring this collection to Kmart stores across Australia.

“The Potter uniforms, which include school uniforms and the robes, have been designed and crafted by artist Alex Blythe, who also worked on the clothing for the film and television adaptations of the books.

The range includes the new Black and Blue School Rifles, Black and White School Trousers and the new Dark and Light School Roles, with colours ranging from navy to black and blue.

K-Mart said the Harry Potter collection will be available in its Australian stores this October and in November in stores across the country.”

In Australia, there is so much excitement for this series, and we know many of our customers want to celebrate this magical and timeless story with their kids,” said Taylor.

The Potter books are based on the J.K. Rowling series of children’s books published in 1971.

The original series, the Harry and the Cursed Child, is set in ancient Egypt and revolves around Harry Potter’s journey to save his family from a curse.