What you need to know about Cleveland’s uniforms

Cleveland, Ohio—It might not be the most recognizable of the NFL teams, but the Cleveland Browns are wearing uniforms for a second straight year, a trend that continues with their latest set of uniforms.

The Cleveland Browns have worn their regular uniforms for all three seasons of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ reign, with only two years being without any change.

This year, the team will be wearing its alternate uniform for the 2017-18 season. 

Cleveland has worn their original uniforms since the start of the 2010 season, and will wear their alternate uniforms for the second straight season.

While many other teams wore alternate uniforms at the end of their seasons, the Browns only wore their original uniform for one season.

Cleveland’s alternate uniforms are comprised of three different uniform designs, and the team has gone with the most common ones.

The Browns have always had a strong focus on creating uniform combinations with color palettes that look great with the uniform designs that they have been using over the years.

For the 2017 season, they chose the blue, gray, and white color pallet for the alternate uniforms.

This season, the new uniforms have two different uniform colors: blue and white. 

“I’ve always said we’re going to continue to look at the uniforms in a different way,” Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert said in a press release.

“We want to be very creative and have a unique look.

We’re going with the three-striped jersey design that is the most commonly worn in the NFL.

The three-stripe jersey has become a signature look for us.” 

The new uniforms will also feature more contrast, with more black in the design.

The design also will feature a red, white, and blue color scheme.

The team also decided to take a cue from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ alternate uniforms, which have been a staple of the team for nearly 20 years. 

There are a few notable differences in the alternate uniform design from the original Browns’ uniforms, including the fact that the team changed their colors in 2016.

The color scheme was changed to blue for the season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles, but it was changed back to gray in the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The alternate uniform also had an updated look in 2017, with a new black and white design, which was worn against the San Francisco 49ers. 

The Cleveland Browns will wear a blue-and-gray alternate uniform this season, in addition to the team’s new jersey. 

Image: Cleveland Browns via @cheltsports Bills/NFL, NFL via Twitter. 

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