Browns players have uniforms that aren’t brown

A few weeks ago, The Globe and Mail revealed that a few Browns players were wearing uniforms that weren’t brown, and there’s now some confusion about the origin of those uniforms.

While it’s unclear how the team’s uniforms came to be in that light, some Browns players are still trying to get their uniform choices right.

“We can’t wear uniforms that are brown, because it’s just offensive,” linebacker Terrance Mitchell said on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike.”

“It’s just something that happens.”

Mitchell has worn his uniform in brown before, but he doesn’t think that it’s a big deal.

“I like the colors, I like the style of it,” Mitchell said.

“It just has to be done correctly.”

While the Browns are going with black and gold uniforms this season, it’s possible that Mitchell was referring to the uniforms they wore last year when the Browns played the Raiders in Oakland.

On Monday, the team tweeted that it had no further comment on the matter.

“It’s the way it was, the way I was,” Mitchell told reporters on Monday.

“I mean, it wasn’t anything that was bad.

It was just something to make sure that I was on time and I was up to speed.”

If the uniforms Mitchell was talking about were not the ones worn in 2015, the Browns will still be wearing a black uniform this year.

The Browns have gone through several different versions of the black uniform, and the team hasn’t made a decision on what they’ll wear for the season.

The latest uniform was unveiled on Monday, but Mitchell says that it won’t be the final one.

“The black uniform will definitely be a part of the uniforms,” Mitchell added.

“The team is going to continue to keep it the same.”

As for what to wear on the field, Mitchell said that he doesn “have no idea.”

“I don’t really know.

I don’t think it’s going to be a huge difference for us,” he said.