Why the NYPD is putting brown uniforms on cops

By KEVIN BUCKLEYPosted February 04, 2018 10:06:38After the New York Police Department (NYPD) introduced its new uniforms in February, we’ve been told they’ll be a hit.

And now, the uniform has made its way onto the shelves of stores like Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

But the real question is why are these uniforms made in the first place?

And, how do you make a uniform for the most violent department in the country?

And that’s exactly what we found out when we took a closer look.

New York City’s new uniform is not a simple facsimile of the uniforms worn by police officers in other cities, but instead, is a completely different take on the police uniform.

The NYPD’s new uniforms are a bold step in the right direction, but there are many problems with this design.

First, the uniforms are made by a company called New York Uniforms.

In fact, New York uniform makers are a major part of the NYPD’s business, according to a statement issued by the NYPD.

The uniforms are also made from materials that are likely to attract the attention of children, especially when compared to the uniform worn by some other cities.

For example, the NYPD has been accused of using plastic in the uniforms, and police have been caught on camera using rubber-like materials on their uniforms.

The NYU also makes the NYPD uniforms, so why are they not using more eco-friendly materials?

In addition, there are other issues with the uniforms.

The NYPD has said it has not been able to determine how much the uniforms cost, so it’s unclear whether the uniforms will cost less to produce than other police uniforms.

And, the NYU says the uniforms come with a lifetime guarantee, which is something the NYPD does not offer.

While there is no official estimate for the cost of the uniform, the New Yorkers Civil Liberties Union estimates that it could cost the city $20 million to make every officer uniform.

So, how does this uniform work?

The NYUs new uniform design is simple.

A fabric woven from natural fibres, like wool, is woven into a thin layer on the body of the jacket.

The layers then form a pattern that is visible through a layer of protective materials, such as polyester or nylon.

This layer is then pressed into place, giving the uniform a look that is reminiscent of the way police wear their uniforms in other countries.

New Yorkers Civil Liberties Union, which represents officers, says the NYPD will not be able to offer a uniform with a “high-tech” look, such a mesh-like fabric that will give the uniform more “pop.”

The NYUS also says the new uniforms will not work well in cold weather, since the materials used to make the fabrics won’t hold up well in the cold.

A spokesperson for the NYPD, however, said the agency is planning to add a special layer to the new uniform, which will keep it warm and protect the uniform against hypothermia.

New New York has made some changes to the way it produces uniforms, but the NYPD says it has no plans to stop using wool in its uniforms.

It is also planning to keep using polyester and nylon in its uniform, even if the NYPD doesn’t think polyester will be used as the material of choice.

In the meantime, there is one other aspect of the new NYPD uniforms that could help deter people from purchasing them.

According to the NYPD , there will be an online store selling new and old NYPD uniforms.

But as of now, there will not even be a store offering uniforms for sale on the web.

So for now, it’s not yet clear how these new uniforms would affect the prices charged by stores that sell NYPD uniforms online.

But for now at least, the police uniforms are proving to be a successful marketing strategy for the city.