Why Nike’s new uniforms are a little weird, a little goofy

If you thought that the Nike Oregon Ducks uniforms were the most weird Nike Nike uniforms to ever be released, you are not alone.

They look weird, you think they’re weird, but you don’t realize how much you are missing out on the most iconic school colors of the last 40 years.

You have to give credit where it is due, and the Oregon Ducks have created a collection of school colors that are at once classic, contemporary, and timeless.

But there are two parts to the Oregon Duck uniform that are really weird and weird, and both of them are tied to the school of Oregon.

The first is the use of a black and white alternate helmet design that has never been used on a football helmet before.

When you first get your first look at the helmet, you’re probably wondering what it is, and it certainly isn’t a classic helmet design.

It’s not even a traditional helmet design, it’s a futuristic look with black and black accents that make it seem more futuristic than anything you’ve seen before.

But that’s not the only strange thing about the helmet design; you also have to ask yourself if this is a really, really, bad idea.

The design is also totally different from any other school helmet design in history.

This helmet is not the modern helmet design you’ve grown up with, this helmet is a futuristic helmet design from the future, and you are definitely not going to see that on the field any time soon.

It also makes the helmet look very strange, especially if you’re wearing the helmet at school, since you’re supposed to wear the helmet and then get on the bus to the stadium.

It looks like the helmet was designed by someone who was trying to look like a robot.

That’s really weird, to be honest.

The helmet also uses a white, transparent mesh to hold it together.

It is not like Nike’s current helmet design is actually made of white mesh, and this helmet seems like it is a product of the future.

The mesh design is a nice touch to the helmet.

It definitely feels like Nike is trying to give the helmet a futuristic feel, and in a weird way, that feels kind of cool.

The other weird thing about this helmet design also isn’t very unusual.

This is the second time that Nike has worn a black, white, and grey helmet design for a school football uniform.

Back in 2017, Nike debuted a black helmet design with the Oregon State football team.

This time around, Nike also debuted a white helmet design which has been used for all Oregon schools.

Both helmets use a black mesh to make them look futuristic, but there is something about the way Nike used these black mesh helmets that makes it weird, even for Oregon fans.

This black mesh helmet design has been seen before on other schools, but never with Oregon.

In 2017, the Oregon helmet design was so unique that Nike had to re-release the Oregon football uniform in a black-and-white version for the 2016 season.

But this black-white helmet design looks different than anything Nike has ever worn before, which is weird because Nike has always used black helmets for their uniforms.

It makes the black helmet look more futuristic.

If you’re looking for a black Nike helmet, this one’s for you.

It has a unique look, and I have to say that it’s pretty cool to have a black jersey for the Oregon logo.

But it’s also pretty weird that Nike didn’t make black helmets with a white mesh like they used on Oregon helmets.

Nike has never made black helmets in Oregon.

Nike never made a black helmets that look like they were made by a robot, but it doesn’t mean that Nike is completely abandoning its past uniforms.

Nike also still uses its old school, classic black helmet designs, and even its current black helmet styles.

Nike is always working on new ideas, and they have always been making a few different helmets for different schools.

Nike does a lot of different things with their uniforms, and a lot can be done with uniforms that are inspired by the past.

Nike can make uniforms that look great for a team that has played in the Pac-12, but Nike can also make uniforms with a modern look for a high school team that hasn’t been around much in the past decade.

For Nike to make a black Oregon football helmet, it has to be something completely different than Nike’s black helmets from years past.

This means that Nike needs to have some new helmets that really make the helmet stand out from the rest of the Nike uniforms, which could mean that the Oregon black helmet might never come back.

We’ll be sure to update you on Nike’s Oregon football uniforms as they come out.

Nike Oregon helmets are on sale now at Nike.com and Nike.co.uk.

The Oregon Ducks helmet is available for purchase from Nike.store.com.