What’s in Nekoma’s new uniform?

Nekomas, the Japanese company that has become synonymous with Japanese men’s style, has announced a new “disco uniform” for men.

The Nekomas is designed with the classic retro look in mind, with the shorts, sneakers, and jacket all made from a recycled material.

Nekoms brand, which also makes denim, is currently in the midst of a marketing campaign to introduce the new “Kotaro” style to Japan.

According to a Nekomo press release, the Nekomes will be available at Nekomyas stores starting October 1.

Nekos jeans are “made with a sustainable, organic cotton material, using local-sourced materials that make the product lighter and more breathable.”

The Neko brand was founded in 2003 by the two men behind the Japanese brand YKK.

The brand has been praised for its high-end fabrics and innovative designs, and Neko was one of the first denim brands to use eco-friendly methods to make the garments.

Neko is now known for its denim and suede, as well as its stylish designs.

The new Nekomi uniform is available to pre-order through Neko’s website, which offers an option to preorder the Neko uniform for $80, or for a $99 upgrade that includes two Neko jeans and a pair of Nekome socks.

NeKoma also launched a new line of jeans, dubbed “Sakurasai,” in June.

The two-piece Jeans range features a new cut, and it comes with an added layer of insulation that is said to help reduce the chance of skin cancer.

While NekOMas new Neko line isn’t quite as sexy as Nekoomas other lines, it’s still a great look for men looking for a retro take on their look.

If you’re interested in buying the new Nekos, you can check out their website.

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