When you buy a new uniform, make sure it’s the right one

The Indian Army has just launched a new “Life Uniform” programme, a uniform that will be issued to men and women in its infantry ranks as part of a programme to give them an alternative to the “traditional uniform”.

The new “life uniform” will come in two styles, one which is worn on the uniform, and the other, which is the uniform for officers.

The new uniform will come as part, for the first time, of a “family-friendly” programme which aims to reduce social isolation among troops.

According to the Army, it is an opportunity to “give an opportunity” to troops to take care of their families by getting them a “life-long” uniform, which will be able to keep them safe, comfortable and fit for life.

It will also help soldiers “understand their role in the country and their responsibilities”, said an army statement.

“This uniform will help ensure the soldier’s safety, comfort and dignity, and will make them more effective soldiers,” the statement added.

Life Uniforms are being introduced across the army, with the first batch of 500 being made by the army’s infantry division, the 8th Engineer Brigade, the Indian Army said.

They are also being made in the army division of engineers, the first division in the armed forces.

First Published: Jan 22, 2019 15:15:58