Dallas Cowboys’ Cowboy Uniforms to get a ‘F’ for the 2016 season

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has announced plans to replace the team’s all-white uniforms with a new design for the season, which will include a red helmet, a blue jersey, a white stripe and a green stripe.

The Dallas Cowboys have a reputation for their retro uniforms.

In recent years, the Cowboys have worn the black and gold alternate uniforms with the white stripe on the chest.

The new look is likely to make it into the team uniform for the first time since 2011, when the team switched from black to gold uniforms.

The uniforms will be unveiled in early 2018 and will feature the same design as the one worn during the 2017 season.

Jones has said in the past that he’s not looking to change the team colors, but he said the new design will be a nod to the team spirit.

The Cowboys will wear the new look in the 2018 preseason.