‘No, I’m Not a Gay Man’ – Donald Trump’s gay son reveals he is proud of his father

The Republican presidential nominee is facing backlash from gay activists for refusing to back down from his recent remarks about the gay community. 

In a Friday interview on Fox News’ “Special Report,” the son of Donald Trump and former model Melania Trump told host Chris Wallace that his father was “very proud of me” when it came to his support for gay rights.

“My father is very proud of my father, who has been very vocal about his support of equality for gay people and people of color,” he said.

“My father was a strong supporter of marriage equality.

And I know that his son, the president of the United States, is very much supportive of same-sex marriage.” 

Wallace pressed Trump on the comments and asked if he would be willing to back off his previous remarks.

“Yes, of course,” Trump responded. 

Wallack pressed him on whether he would also back down if he found himself in the position of president.

“Well, I would be happy to,” Trump replied.

“I’m just saying, I think there’s a lot of people who don’t like that, because we have a president that has supported this kind of rhetoric before.

Trump has been a vocal opponent of same sex marriage, and his son has been one of the most vocal critics of the issue.

Wallace also pressed Trump to say if he believes that gay marriage should be legal across the country, and to explain why he would not be supporting it.”

I have strong views,” he continued. “

The truth is, I have very strong views about gay marriage.

I have strong views,” he continued.

“The president of our country has said that I’m a big fan of gay marriage and that’s what I believe.

But he hasn’t backed down from that.”

Wallack also asked Trump about his statement that “gay people have been treated horribly by the Obama administration,” to which the nominee shot back that the “Obama administration treated us horribly.”

“I am not proud of that,” Trump insisted.

“You know, I don’t think the president ever did.

He has said things that are not true.

He’s been a leader in this country.

He never said anything about gay people.

I would never say that about anyone, but that’s the way it is.”