How to get the best NFL uniforms from your favorite teams

The NFL has finally released its 2018 uniform lineup.

But for some teams, the look is already more than a year in the making.

Here are some of the best-looking uniforms the NFL has yet released.


Green Bay Packers The Green Bay, Wisconsin, Packers have always been a good fit for a uniform with its blue and green, and that’s not changing.

The Packers unveiled the first look for their new green and gold uniform on Thursday.

The design has a similar silhouette to the team’s other uniforms and has a modern feel, but it doesn’t make the players look too different.

It’s still the same classic look, but the team is going for a more contemporary vibe.


Detroit Lions This uniform is going to be a little more “funny” than the Packers’ new uniforms.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell has been known to wear his players’ old uniforms, but he’s also had them modified to fit his team’s needs.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz has said he doesn’t think he has to use the old uniform because the players are “in tune with it.”

Schwartz told reporters during a press conference Thursday that the players will be using the new design because it will give them a new identity.


Miami Dolphins This is a more traditional look for the Dolphins, but they still seem to be sticking to the traditional look.

The team released their first look on Thursday and it features a light-gray uniform with white piping.

The Dolphins also added some new details on the sleeves and shoulder pads, which is a nice touch.

The players will likely be wearing a new version of the same design for the remainder of the season.


Baltimore Ravens There’s no question the Ravens have made a concerted effort to keep their uniforms simple, and it’s paying off.

The Ravens unveiled their first uniform in 2018 on Thursday, which has a gray, black, and gold design with white accents.

This uniform features the team name, number, and team logo on the shoulders.


Kansas City Chiefs While it’s still early, it seems like the Chiefs are getting their biggest design yet.

The Chiefs unveiled their new uniforms Thursday, and the look has the team logo, the team colors, and a black-and-white logo on each side.

The jersey features the “W” logo on a black background and a white lettering.


Cincinnati Bengals This uniform looks like it has been around forever.

The Bengals have had some great uniforms over the years, but this uniform looks to be in its prime.

The “B” logo is on a white background, and there’s a subtle “V” on the shoulder.

The lettering reads “Cincinnati.”


Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers had a bit of a rough start to the season with their uniforms, and they have finally unveiled their final uniform on Wednesday.

They released a new look for fans on Thursday as well.

The uniforms have a more casual vibe than previous seasons, and their new look features a white, white-and blue look with blue piping on the collar.


Kansas State Wildcats The Wildcats released their uniforms Thursday.

It features a gray uniform with black piping on both sleeves and collar.

It also features the logo of the school on the sleeve.


New York Jets New York released their final uniforms on Thursday for a new uniform with the Jets logo and black piping.


New Orleans Saints New Orleans released their new uniform design on Thursday along with a new jersey design.

The New Orleans logo is placed on the right sleeve and on the left shoulder, and two vertical stripes with the Saints logo appear on the back.


San Francisco 49ers The San Francisco is a big fan of keeping things simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing their best to create something memorable.

The 49ers have released their uniform designs over the last few years, and this looks like a nice way to do it.

The new design features a red-and white uniform with blue accents, and black and white piping on each sleeve and collar for the team.


Tennessee Titans The Tennessee Titans have released a few of their uniforms this year, but Thursday’s release is the most visually impressive.

The Titans are known for using a traditional uniform look, and Thursday’s look has a classic feel to it. 13.

Dallas Cowboys The Cowboys have always had a strong relationship with the fans, so it’s no surprise that they’re showing off their newest uniforms on the biggest stage.

The Cowboys released their full uniform lineup Thursday, but their first looks were a big hit.

The helmets feature a white-white-blue design with blue-and green piping on them.

The jerseys feature a blue-white design with a white and red-blue piping on it. 14.

Green Beret The Green Bases are known as a fan-favorite outfit for fans of the NFL, so this look is a perfect fit for the new