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The Globe has confirmed with its sources that an investigation has been launched into the “suspected misuse” of fedex uniforms at an Edmonton warehouse.

The Globe’s sources say the investigation is not related to the current government inquiry into the gas pipeline, which has not yet completed its first phase.

The source also said it’s not known if any employees will be charged.

The investigation, which is currently underway, is not linked to the federal probe into the pipeline, but will be examined as a result of the Globe’s reporting.

It will include whether employees should be disciplined, the Globe said.

A spokesperson for the federal Energy Minister said he had no further comment.

The Alberta Utilities Commission said it had not yet received a request from the Globe to investigate.

“We will be investigating these allegations,” spokesman Steve Fong said.

The CBC’s Calgary bureau also reported the allegations of misuse of fedEX uniforms on Tuesday morning.

Calgary police said they were aware of the allegations.

“It’s a very serious matter, and we’re not going to comment,” Sgt. Brian Pfeffer said.

“Our officers are in contact with the Edmonton Police Service.

We’ll do our best to work with the EPS to understand what happened and determine if there are any appropriate action.”