New uniforms for Arizona Cardinals are unveiled

New uniforms are being unveiled for the Arizona Cardinals and they are looking to build on last season’s success.The new uniforms will debut during the team’s preseason exhibition game on Saturday at 1:30 p.m.ET against the Indianapolis Colts.The uniforms are the first of two major overhauls for the franchise that […]

How much will Wendy’s uniforms cost?

After years of growing in popularity, Wendy’s has finally decided to release a uniform for women.It will cost $30 for men and $50 for women and it is now available for pre-order.The new uniforms come with some new and interesting features, including a “fierce” waistband and a new waistband collar, […]

How to get the best French toast uniforms

We’ve all seen the cereal box logo and heard the ads.But where do you find them?We’ve got you covered.Here are our tips to finding them, as well as some hints on how to create your own.French toast is made with a sweetened powdered sugar (sometimes called white sugar) and added […]

Aussie military uniforms, revolution, military uniforms

Updated February 08, 2018 05:14:37 Aussie troops, especially those who served in the Australian armed forces, have worn uniforms for more than a century.They have even worn them in the military, as in the famous Australian Revolutionary War uniforms.However, the uniforms worn by Australians during the First World War were […]