How to get your new Vanderbilt uniform


– If you’re looking for a new look for your Vanderbilt football uniform, you may want to stop at the Vanderbilt University College of Engineering and Technology’s campus shop.

There’s a chance you’ll be able to find one of the university’s official Vanderbilt uniforms.

The V&C website has a collection of uniforms available for purchase.

Some are for men, and some are for women.

Vanderbilt announced Friday that it will begin selling a new uniform, the blue and gold version, for $25.

You can find it in stores throughout the state.

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The Vanderbuhkeyes, a school known for its high-profile rivalry with Vanderbilt, are now offering their own brand of uniform.

It’s called the “Buckeyes New Vannas” and it is $25 for men and $30 for women, according to the V&sT site.

Vandy also announced that it is selling a set of new uniforms for the new football team.

The site lists the team’s new uniforms at $25 each.

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The set includes blue and black and is available for pickup in the store.

The Buckeyes are the only major college football team to offer both a new helmet and uniform for men.

The helmets are available for $30.

The team also is expected to announce a new mascot, but it’s unclear what the new one will be.