Why the union’s uniforms may be a ‘bad idea’

The uniforms worn by New South Wales’ union officials are a “bad idea” according to union officials, who say they are designed to promote the interests of corporate interests.

The logo for the NSW Federation of Trade Unions (NUTU) is shown in this undated handout photo provided by the New South Welsh Federation of Workers (NSFWF).

Key points:NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the logo “could have a negative impact on our members’ jobs”The logo is “very clearly intended to benefit the corporate sector”Union officials say the logos “would not only harm” the union but also “could be harmful to our members”.

Ms Berejisklian yesterday described the logo as “not good for business”.

“We have an image problem in this state,” she said.

“If we can’t communicate with our members in a positive way, I don’t know what else we can do.”

The logo has been used on a number of official NSW union logos and was designed by an Australian company.

The union is currently embroiled in a dispute with a Victorian union over the design.

In a statement, the NSW FTTU said the design was “misleading” and that it “could cause significant harm to the working conditions and wages of union members”.

“The design appears to favour the business interests of a handful of corporate entities over the interests and aspirations of many members,” the union said.’

Bad for business’The logo was first used on the NSW state flag in 2001, and is a combination of an “a” and an “i”.

The logo appears to be designed to favour corporate interests, including a firm that is “in the business of selling tyres and building cars”, according to the union.

The FTTM said it was disappointed to hear the logo had been used, saying it “would have been better for the flag to be a plain red and white one with a single star”.

“Our members deserve better,” the FTTW said.

The flag has been redesigned twice since the logo was introduced, with the first time it was made of “a solid yellow” and the second time it featured a more modern design.

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