How to get a military uniform on eBay for $25,000

When you’re looking to get your first military uniform for your next job, eBay is the best place to look.

Military uniforms, the military supply market, is growing and, with that growth comes a surge in the prices for military uniforms.

With that in mind, we asked eBay sellers about the best military uniforms to buy on the auction site.


The Air Force Uniform The Airforce Uniform, a Navy Seal Navy Seal Army Marine Corps Green Berets green pants, navy blue jacket, white shirt, blue tie.

This one is a classic.


The Navy SEAL Navy Seal The Navy Seal Air Force uniform is a bit too long, but this one has a great fit.


The Army Navy Seal This is a navy blue military uniform.


The Marine Corps Army Navy Blue Jacket is a good fit, but it’s too long for my height.


The Green Berete Army Green Beretes Green shirt, khaki pants, white tee, black tie.

This is an excellent uniform.


The Purple and Gold Navy SEALs Navy Blue shirt, navy tie, khakis pants, black hat, red shirt.

This uniform is too long to wear on the job, but you might find it looks better with shorts or sandals.


The Blue Navy Seal.

This Navy blue uniform is very comfortable and well-made.


The Gold and Silver Navy SEAL The Army Blue shirt with navy tie is nice but too long.


The Black and Gold Army Navy SEAL.

This military uniform is comfortable and stylish.


The Naval Reserve Navy Blue Navy tie, navy shirt, black tee, khong khong pants, red blazer.

This navy blue uniform looks great with sandals or shorts.


The Gray Navy SEAL .

This Navy Blue jacket is a great uniform, but the pants are too long (you may want to wear a tie for extra support).


The Uniform Army Navy blue tie, blue shirt, red tie, white pants, blue hat.

These military uniforms are perfect for your everyday job.


The Special Forces Uniform The Special Ops Navy Blue uniform is perfect for a weekend outing or a casual day at the office.


The USAF Navy Blue Shirt, Navy tie and Navy pants, Navy shirt, Navy jacket, Navy hat.

This dress shirt has a comfortable fit and is very durable.


The Combat Uniform Army Blue uniform, navy pants, gray shirt, tan coat, red pants.


The US Marine Corps Navy Blue Suit.

Navy blue is the Navy’s uniform, and this navy blue suit is great for a day at sea.


The Military Green and Gold Uniform Navy Blue dress shirt, gray pants, green jacket, navy hat.

The navy blue dress shirt is a very durable piece of gear.


The Grey Navy SEAL Marine Corps Blue dress shirts, navy blazer, navy suit, black pants.

This Marine Corps dress shirt looks great on a uniform day.


The Brown Navy SEAL Army Blue dress jacket, gray tie, brown shirt, white blazer and navy tie.

Navy pants are not the most comfortable but are a great choice for an outfit.


The White Navy SEAL Green Navy blue dress shirts with navy blue pants and navy blazers are a good choice for a casual outfit.