New NFL uniforms unveiled: How the ‘new’ look will work in 2018

The NFL is finally rolling out new uniforms for the 2018 season.

And the team says the new look won’t be just a throwback to the past.

The league says the uniforms will be the same as the ones the Dallas Cowboys wore in 2015, which the team described as a “premium” look.

“We’re going to have a lot of the same uniform elements and we’re going for the same aesthetic that we’ve had for the past four years,” NFL VP of Football Operations Troy Vincent said.

And it’s not going be something that’s just for football fans.”

So the look of the uniforms is the same, it’s going to feel the same.

And it’s not going be something that’s just for football fans.

It won’t have the big-and-white or the yellow and black.

It’s going be a more neutral look, so we’re talking about it in the same way that we’re bringing in some of the other elements that we put in place to bring more fans in.”

Vincent didn’t elaborate on the uniform details but it’s likely that the “premier” look will include white pants, a gold trim, a white collar, and gold-and–black shoes.

And this new look will be made to look more like a uniform that will go on sale in late 2019.

Vincent said that the uniforms are also going to include new details that will make them more uniform-like than ever.

“When you look at the design of the jersey and the overall look of these uniforms, they’re designed with the look that we have in mind,” he said.

So how will the uniforms look?

The team said the uniforms would be made with a “high-impact, premium fabric that’s a material that’s designed to create a uniform look that looks more premium and premium than ever before.”

The NFL is also rolling out a new helmet.

The helmet, a metal plate, will be built by New Era, the NFL’s official helmet manufacturer, which is based in Pittsburgh.

The league said the helmet will be lighter, “slightly larger” and have a higher-quality look than the helmet the Dallas and Denver teams wore in their last two seasons.

The new helmet is expected to be unveiled in 2019, and the new uniforms are expected to go on the market by 2021.