How to dress for your daughters uniform

The internet is full of girls’ outfits and accessories.So much so, that we’ve created a guide to help girls pick out their outfits for Halloween, with the goal of instilling some Halloween cheer in girls.The site Girls Halloween has created a checklist of recommended outfits for girls, with tips and […]

Girl Scouts uniforms for the military

There are lots of things we love about Girl Scouts, but one thing we’re most proud of is their uniforms.They’re pretty much what we’ve been wearing for the past 50 years.The only thing they’ve changed is how we look at them.While the uniforms for some special operations troops have a […]

How to find the right new navy uniform

New Scientist – 2 February 2018, 14:55:05By the time I was born, I was wearing a navy blue polo shirt, jeans, a white button-down shirt and a black tie.It was in the early 1970s, the same time as the Vietnam War and the Cold War, when the military began wearing […]